Monday, December 22, 2008

No going back...

Last year we had a Charlie Brown Tree. It was small and one of the last on the lot and I loved it. The cats loved it too. They managed to knock the entire thing over multiple times, we had broken ornaments, and they considered it their secret watering hole!

This year we went in search of Charlie Brown 2.0. On our way to Ten Tables we stumbled upon a tree lot in Roslindale that only had super tall trees! The guy offered to cut us a small tree from one of his large trees, but that just seemed silly. So, we came home with a real grown up tree. It stands at least 6 feet tall. Sean's folks got us all sorts of ornaments so we even have a very full, tall tree!

The ornaments used to be well spaced, but notice the very bare bottom section. Trouble makers 1, 2, and 3 have had their fun! The cats' paws and Morgan's tail flung all the low lying ornaments all around the apartment and the ornaments have now been relocated out of their reach. At least we have not had a toppled tree this year. And the "shatterproof" label on some of the ornaments does not lie!

One other item of note is the tree topper. A party hat assembled at Tessa's birthday party!

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