Monday, December 22, 2008

Embroidery 101

Below is my first embroidery project! Well, the first in the last 15 years (at least)! The photo is not great, but not too bad considering it was taken using my phone! This is a gift for my future in-laws who are dachshund lovers. They have 3! Suzie, Fenway and Molly.

I used a pattern from the Orange You Lucky blog which can be found here. I purchased the embroidery floss and fabric from the new Jo Ann Fabrics in Saugus. I must admit I was enamored by the new store! Sure it's a big box chain, but it was well organized and very well stocked! (much, much better than the Jo Ann on Route 9). The frame is 5x7 and I found it on clearance at T.J. Max. It was a bit dirty and dinged up. I intended on painting it, but after a washwith my trusty Mr. Clean Eraser and some sand paper on the edges, I liked how it looked! I'll try to take a better photo before wrapping it up.

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