Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last batch complete

The final batch of Christmas cards went in the mail this morning! Some might not arrive until after folks return home from their holiday travels, but I persevered late into the night to make sure each card was handmade with care. I hope everyone enjoys them! I did have fun experimenting with stamping and embossing.

It hit me last night how wonderful it is to not be worrying about school work and finals at this time of year. I did not have to have any all-nighters painfully writing a research paper (or more likely feeling guilty while procrastinating from writing the paper). My only super late work-night was spent happily creating cards for loved ones. Finally.

The card above was made with scrapbook paper, green ink, hemp and dark red embossing powder. Inside I also used the green ink to stamp "Merry Christmas." I experimented with cropping using Macromedia Fireworks. Hopefully it showcases the card well!

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