Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Dressed Up

In our old 600 sq ft apartment, we had room for me, Sean, plus Morgan, Max and Bentley. We had a Christmas tree, but little space for many other holiday decorations. This year we have a bit more space to display the Christmasy items we've collected over the years. Here's a little house tour:

This trio greeted visitors on the front (enclosed) porch.
The snowshoeing Santa was a gift from Sean's mom, the snowman a gift from my mom and the reindeer I picked up last year at a post Christmas sale at Pier 1.

This mirror came from Sean's grandmother's house in Salem. This year it got a festive look displaying many of our Christmas cards.
I also used a few of our wedding table number holders to hold a few more cards.
Here's our tree and a peek at the new curtains (and rods) in the living room. Amazingly this year most of the ornaments stayed on the tree despite curious kitty paws and a large Labrador tail! We still took the necessary precaution of putting the breakable ornaments on the top 1/3 of the tree.
We don't have a fireplace or mantel, but this shelf did the trick. The snowman elf is one of the collection I received from my mom.
The dining room table all set and ready for Christmas Eve dinner with the Bridgeo Family. Great to use so many wonderful wedding gifts.
The new hutch was the home for additional snowmen and a few other festive decorations.
The end. It'll be sad to put everything away until next year, but will also help us (me!) focus on getting more of our artwork on the walls!

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