Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mom's Fall Felt Wreath

My mom's birthday fell very close to Thanksgiving this year. I decided to make her something fall-ish that could also be used through the New Year. I found the Fall Berry Wreath on the Martha Stewart website and decided to give it a shot. There's the sample I used.

Here's the finished product! (not the best photo conditions - my kitchen counter top!)

I purchased most of the supplies at Michael's, but found some better felt colors at an art supply store in Central Square.

I had a few variations on the original.

1) Used a combination of store bought berries (the darker, shiny ones) and hand-made felt ones. This was definitely a time-saver.

2) I ended up using a hot glue gun and glued the 2 layers of felt together to make the leaves. The instructions say to use fusible interfacing, but it was much faster and easier for me to use glue. I also switched up the colors more than the original.

3) Finally, maybe the most obvious change was that I created a full circular wreath. I thought my mom would be able to use it in more places and I was not exactly sure I wanted to put mine in a hanging frame. As shown in the bottom photo, I used a bit of ribbon to create a loop to hang the wreath.

This was my first time working with felt in a long time. I enjoyed it! Floral tape and wire can do some amazing things!

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