Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hair Accessories

I made these hair accessories out of brown felt and various beads. I have a brown and blue dress and wanted something to go in my hair to match!

The first is 2 layers of felt with a blue bead sewn in the center. I used the hot glue gun to attach the flower to a hair clip.

For this one I cut 2 circles out of felt and sewed a brown bead in the center. It is attached using hot glue to a bobby pin.

Finally, this one. I cut out 5 pieces of felt and assembled them in a feather-like arrangement. I sewed on 3 white seed beads to form the center. Then sewed 10 turquoise seed beads to create the outer ring. For the finished product I actually added a few real feathers, but the whole thing seems to have gone missing. There are currently 2 suspects: Max or Bentley!

If I find it I'll take a closer shot of the finished product! This is the one I wore to the Christmas Party.

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