Monday, August 25, 2008

A soldier, a rabbit and a frog

This weekend Sean and I started looking at potential reception locations...ah! We basically did a tour of Waltham, Lincoln, Sudbury and Sherborn. I just have to share one an inn in Sudbury there was a really pretty garden and fields. The actual inn was very old (think George Washington era) and cool in some respects (old bar with mugs hanging from the ceiling), creepy in others. There was a guy dressed up as a revolutionary soldier as a doorman! As we were leaving he asked, "Did you find the ghost?" I think we both just stared at him with blank expressions, but he continued to tell the story of a woman who was supposed to get married to a British gentleman who had to make one last journey to England, but he set sail and never returned. So the woman locked herself in her room and "died of a broken heart" so her ghost still haunts the Inn (room 11). Sean and I looked at each other and just knew we couldn't get married there! Definitely a funny adventure! We did find a place in Lincoln that we liked. No soldiers there. Just saw a rabbit and a frog :)

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